Why am I getting erratic/inconsistent readings?

Why am I getting erratic readings?

There are several reasons why you are getting inconsistent readings. The glucose level in a patient’s body could fluctuate from time to time. It will depend on the time of testing (before or after meal), patient’s health condition or patient’s medication. If you need to repeat the testing, make sure to use the same drop of blood or try to test within a short time to avoid the inconsistency due to body condition change. We will recommend using control solution to verify whether the meter is working properly.

Here are some key points to make sure how to use Fora meters with control solution in a proper way.
1. Shake well the bottle of control solution. Choose the proper controls for your need.

2. Discard the first drop, use the second drop and apply to the top of control cap.

3. Do not let the tip of bottle touch any surface
4. With the strip inserted, tilted the meter to gently touch the control.
5. Hold the strip to the control solution until hear the Beep sound.
6. Do NOT apply solution directly on strip.

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