Common FAQs

  • Can I pay with a HSA/FSA card on your site?

    Yes, in most cases you can use your HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) account to purchase a FORA meter. If your plan covers ketone meters or glucometers, the FORA meter should be eligible for coverage as well because it is an FDA-approved medical device for self-te...
  • Can I use the FORA 6 Connect Meter I have already purchased for the new total cholesterol and uric acid test strips?

    Both the new FORA 6 Connect blood total cholesterol test strips and uric acid test strips can work with the FORA 6 Connect meter. If you have already purchased the FORA 6 Connect meter or any FORA 6 Connect testing kits, you only need to buy extra total cholesterol test strips and uric acid test ...
  • How to place an order & how to enter a discount code?

    Please follow the instructions to place an order online/enter a discount code: Please put items you'd like to buy into the cart Click "Check out" on the bottom right corner and go to the checkout page In the checkout page, please enter the discount code on the right, and click "Apply" to apply t...
  • Online Registration & Warranty

    Online warranty registration Thank you for choosing ForaCare products. We appreciate you taking the time to register your new ForaCare products. To start with warranty registration, please click the link to fill in the information requested below.
  • Our Customer Service Line:TEL:1-888-307-8188 (Toll-Free Number, Mon-Fri, excluding holidays 0830-1730, PST Time)

    If you would like to make a phone call to our customer service team or have some questions such as insurance, you can contact our customer service line at TEL:1-888-307-8188 (Toll-Free Number, Mon-Fri, excluding holidays 0830-1730, PST Time) as we're always happy to help!
  • What is the FORA 6 Connect meter for? What test strips should I purchase?

    The FORA6Connect meter is compatible with Blood Glucose, Ketone, Total Cholesterol and Uric Acid test strips. You can purchase different test strips based on your needs. Below are the product pages of the test strips: 50 Glucose Test Strips:
  • Where can I find the GKI and Dr Boz ratio?

    All FORA 6 Connect users can see their GKI and Dr Boz ratio on the iFORA HM App. *Please download the iFORA HM App(available on both Apple App Store and Android Google Play) to your mobile devices. The iFORA HM App will sync with your FORA 6 Connect meter and automatically calculate the GKI/Dr Bo...