Where can I find the GKI and Dr Boz ratio?

All FORA 6 Connect users can see their GKI and Dr Boz ratio on the iFORA HM App. *Please download the iFORA HM App(available on both Apple App Store and Android Google Play) to your mobile devices. The iFORA HM App will sync with your FORA 6 Connect meter and automatically calculate the GKI/Dr Boz ratio every time after you done both glucose and ketone tests.

If you don't have a mobile device, you can do manual calculations. In this case, you will need two FORA 6 Connect meters. Please use one meter for blood glucose testing and the other one for blood ketone testing. Then calculate the GKI/Dr Boz ratio with the formulas below:
GKI calculation formula: [glucose reading(mg/dL)÷18] ÷ ketone reading(mmol)
Dr Boz ratio: glucose reading(mg/dL) ÷ ketone reading(mmol)

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